The company now has a provincial-level enterprise technology center and a Shandong engineering laboratory. In addition, Shandong Bearing and Cage Engineering Technology Research Center is in the formation stage. It is a collection of bearing cage design, testing, testing, analysis, research and identification. Large-scale bearing cage engineering research center with strong technical transformation mechanism and technological innovation capability. The center has established technical committees and expert committees, including product development room, manufacturing technology room, testing room, information network room and manufacturing branch, and has formulated the "Technical Measures for Technical Centers", "Technical Committees and Working Committees of Expert Committees", The rules and regulations such as the “Incentives for Science and Technology Progress and Innovation Achievements” and “Measures for the Management of Employee Incentives” reward those who have outstanding scientific and technological innovation. Main achievements and achievements: 1. Obtained 46 patents of national patents, including 10 invention patents, and obtained 6 computer software copyright certificates; 2. Shandong Technology Innovation Project, which has undertaken research and development of precision automobile needle roller bearing cages. 10 items; 3. In 2013, “Second-generation wheel bearing cage for heavy-duty trucks” won the Shandong Provincial Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award. 4. In 2012, “a high-speed silent precision bearing cage and its production process” won the scientific and technological progress of China's machinery industry. 5. In 2012, “Wind Generator Pitch Bearing Cage” won the Shandong Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award; 6. In 2011, 16 new products such as precision large-scale tapered roller bearing cages passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal, reaching “International Advanced "level. 7. In 2010, it participated in the formulation of national standard GB/T28268 "Technical Conditions for Rolling Bearing Stamping Cage"; 8. In 2009, it assumed one national technology innovation fund for small and medium-sized enterprises; 9. In 2008, "deep groove ball bearing cage" was obtained. City-level scientific and technological progress award; 10, 2007 "bearing cage double-station stamping automatic feeding device" won the municipal-level scientific and technological progress award. The center will continue to focus on the design and development of bearing cages, theoretical research, material research, testing and testing, with the main goal of improving product accuracy, performance, life and reliability, and is committed to developing high precision, high speed and low vibration. Bearing cage products with low friction, low torque, high reliability and long life.